Leah Altemus

Additional Information

Leah Altemus is a former law enforcement officer and army veteran with an extraordinary gift of several psychic abilities.  Leah's abilities began at the age of 3 years old when she saw her first apparition of a little girl that drowned in the Johnstown Flood.  Since then she's been visited by many spirits and has been able to communicate with them and help to cross them over.  Leah has utilized her gifts to help find missing people using remote viewing.  This ability allows her to see what has already taken place with the living along with someone who has passed.   She hopes to work on other missing persons cases with law enforcement agencies to help return victims to their families. 




Investigative Psychic-Medium

My Story


Hello everyone.  I'm a Psychic-Medium, Healer, and owner of Black Raven in Windber, Pa. I've had abilities since the age of 3.  I can remember talking to my "friends" while I was playing with toys only to find out that they weren't real. Or so I was told. I'm a former Law Enforcement Officer, I served in the United States Army, I'm a Mom, Wife, and a Dog Mom.  I've always been able to connect with spirits and know things that have helped keep me safe and my family safe. I searched for my own answers while feeling so lost after the death of my Grandmother. She was my world. I knew I had the ability to talk to her, but was so afraid and unsure of my gift. Getting older has helped me come to terms with my abilities and has alleviated my fear.  I hope to be able to help you with your fears and assist you with finding your own answers. Peace and Love......LEAH                          




Certified Reiki Level l, ll and Master/Teacher

Aura Reader

Holistic Healer

Home Walk through/Negative Energies

Intuitive Psychic Development Trainer

Missing Persons Cases 

My Calling


I've been given a gift to help people understand that death is not an ending.  Our loved ones leave their physical bodies and continue on in spirit.  We will be with them again when our time nears.  Until then we all seek answers as to whether or not they are still with us.  I can help you find those answers and teach you how to communicate with spirit.